Terms & Conditions


Upon booking a journey with Bristol Taxi Airport, you will automatically receive a “Bristol Taxi Airport Journey Acknowledgment” email confirmation for the journey(s) you have paid for. It is your responsibility to verify that the details received from us are accurate.

Bristol Taxi Airport does not assume any responsibility for missed flights under any circumstances, including but not limited to traffic delays, accidents, breakdowns, severe weather conditions, or unforeseen circumstances.

We strongly recommend that passengers plan to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to their flight departure to account for any unforeseen delays on route to or from the airport. Bristol Taxi Airport will not be held responsible for passengers missing their flights if they have not allowed for the recommended 2-hour check-in time.

While you have the option to arrange to arrive at the airport with less than a 2-hour buffer, Bristol Taxi Airport disclaims any responsibility for missed flights due to this choice.

All passengers are advised to have adequate travel insurance in place before making a booking.

No refunds will be issued for costs incurred by passengers who do not wait for their driver and choose alternative transportation. Bristol Taxi Airport will not be liable if the passenger’s luggage requirements exceed the capacity of the booked vehicle. If you are uncertain about the vehicle’s capacity, please contact Bristol Taxi Airport’s customer service team immediately. Please provide us with your arrival information when booking, not your departure details.

In the event of significant flight delays, please inform us or your driver as soon as possible. While Bristol Taxi Airport primarily uses its own transportation, third-party companies may be utilized when necessary. Reservations made for service during the following times and dates will be subject to an additional 50% surcharge on published prices: 18:00 on December 24th to 23:59 on December 26th, and 18:00 on December 31st to 23:59 on January 1st. Other days may also be affected.


Bristol Taxi Airport’s prices are calculated manually, taking into account factors such as distance, time of travel, and the number of passengers. Bristol Taxi Airport reserves the right to provide an upgraded vehicle type if your originally selected vehicle is unavailable.

For journeys originating from an airport, Bristol Taxi Airport does not charge for the first hour of waiting time after the plane has landed. Waiting time charges will commence after the initial hour has passed since the aircraft’s landing, and they will be billed at a rate of £30 per hour pro rata, regardless of the reason. For all other journeys, waiting time will be charged at £30 per hour pro rata from the scheduled pick-up time.

Any tolls are not included in the instant online quotes. The driver will either collect the toll fee in cash or charge it to your card, based on your preference.

Any amendments to your booking must be made via email or telephone to Bristol Taxi Airport. You will receive an email confirming the amendment. Amendments should not be made with your driver.

Bristol Taxi Airport accepts cancellations provided that at least 24 hours’ notice is given. There will be an administration/transaction charge of £10 or 10% of the fare (whichever is higher) per journey for all cancellations. Cancellations must be communicated via email, and you will receive a confirmation email from Bristol Taxi Airport. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please call our out-of-hours number at 07436249418.

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